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Measuring Safety Culture using the Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT)

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An organization’s health and safety culture is dynamic, constantly evolving and can be impacted at any time in a positive or negative way. By measuring your safety culture, you can understand where your organization is at and potentially where it is heading. This information is critical in order to continue to strengthen your safety culture and ultimately reduce the potential for injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) has created an online resource called the Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS) that construction companies can use to improve their safety culture. Part of the SC-SMIS is a Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) which enables companies to measure and strengthen their safety culture across eight leading indicators.

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NORCAT’s services

NORCAT offers the following services to assist members with successful completion of the S-CAT:

  • Provide information on the S-CAT process
    • Information/FAQ sheet
    • Information session to answer any questions related to the S-CAT
  • Assist members in completing the registration form and signing up on the SC-SMIS digital portal
  • Provide a working session to support and assist members with planning and scheduling of the S-CAT
  • Assist members with creation of handout containing a QR code for distribution at sites
  • Provide resources to help members complete the assessment
    • A 'how-to' guide detailing the steps involved in planning, scheduling and competing the assessment
    • A 'guide' on interpretation of language used in the assessment
  • Provide support to members with completing the assessment by maintaining regular communication
  • Assist members in creating an Action Plan to improve low scoring indicators
  • Provide recommendations on strengthening the Health and Safety Management System and safety culture

Interested in registering? Please download and complete the Registration Form and email it to LOCsafetyculture@norcat.org

Download Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Attend an Information session/webinar (optional)
    Understand the S-CAT process to measure safety culture. Attend a LOC webinar or arrange an information session with NORCAT.

  • Register
    Contact NORCAT at LOCsafetyculture@norcat.org for more information and/or any questions. Submit a completed Registration Form to NORCAT.
  • Connect
    Meet with NORCAT to discuss your safety culture assessment criteria.
  • Receive Guide
    NORCAT will follow-up with a 'how-to' guide.
  • Sign-up
    Sign-up on the SC-SMIS portal in order to start your assessment.
  • Plan and Schedule the S-CAT
    Plan the rollout of the assessment at your workplace(s) and/or jobsite(s). Set a schedule for your employees to access and complete the assessment. Please note, NORCAT is available for any guidance and support.
  • Complete the Assessment
    Have your employees complete the assessment before the deadline. Reach out to NORCAT and/or the SC-SMIS administrator for any questions. Please note, NORCAT is available for any guidance and support.
  • Generate Results
    Generate reports containing scores and charts detailing employees’ perceptions across the eight indicators.
  • Review Recommendations and Develop an Action Plan
    With the report as a guide, develop an Action Plan to improve low-scoring indicators.
  • Improve and Strengthen
    Enhance your Health and Safety Management Program and strengthening your organizations safety culture.

Employers can call Hira Munir at 647-317-0915 ext. 339 or email LOCsafetyculture@norcat.org